Essence Of Beauty - My brushes are made out of animal hair!?

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I would like to make a complaint about the Starter Brush Set! I always read labels when I buy things, but this time, I couldn't because there was a HUGE sticker (SEE PICTURE) that covered the information about the specifics of the product.

Since it was sealed, I bought it, trusting that the brand has really good products. When I get home, I opened the kit.... and I read that my new brushes are MADE OUT OF ANIMAL HAIR!!! I am a vegetarian and I was completely disgusted with myself for buying it- AND the brand for not labeling correctly their products!

So many people that would never buy animal products such as fur, but do not read labels could accidentally buy the product! Also, I went to the CVS online to see the product. You can buy it only... and never find out that IT IS MADE OF ANIMAL HAIR UNTIL YOU GET THE PRODUCT BECAUSE IT DOES NOT SAY SO IN THE PAGE!

I am INCREDIBLY disappointed by both Essence of Beauty and CVS for mistreating animals and not caring enough about their vegetarian, vegan or any person who cares enough about animals to not buy something made of animal hair! I would not only like my money back BUT to get reimbursed for the emotional damage- yes, I am a vegetarian and ME BUYING SOMETHING SO DISGUSTING UNCONSCIOUSLY BECAUSE OF POOR LABELING SHOULD BE REWARDED

Monetary Loss: $10.

Essence Of Beauty - Bad hair extensions RIPOFF!!

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Went to salon to get extensions and told the owner I wanted my hair braided in a horse shoe fashion. The braid pattern wasn't done the way I asked, I also asked her to use nylon thread instead of cotton which she complained about.

I asked her not to cut the tracks and not to sew thru them, she ignored both my requests. On my way home, I noticed that one of my braids didn't have a track on it. I called and told her, she said I could come back and she would fix it. Mind you, I live nearly 2 hrs away!

She said it could be a single braid and I could just unravel it. I told her I would check when I got home. When I got home I noticed that the "single braid" was part of the braid pattern and couldn't be undone without all the hair coming down! I have had TWO of the braids (on the ends) come unraveled and not nearly enough hair was left out of the top like I asked her to do!

If I am paying YOU, I expect the job to be done! I don't care how long you have been in business, you suck at it! I am so sorry I gave this troll any money at all, $250.00 down the drain!

I'm going somewhere else to have it done over again. If I were to go back I would have to pay her to *** up my hair again!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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